Lucas County Probate Court Personnel


Probate Judge

Hon. Jack R. Puffenberger






Sue Braithwaite Court Administrator Email 419-213-4349
Melissa Pniewski Assistant Court Administrator  Email 419-213-4881


Nancy Miller Chief Magistrate   419-213-4775
Trevor Fernandes Assistant Chief Magistrate   419-213-4775
Steve Casiere     419-213-4775
Nedal Adya     419-213-4775
Margaret Weisenburger     419-213-4775


AnnMarie Jasin Accounts Supervisor Email 419-213-2642
Danielle Poffenbaugh   Email 419-213-4752
Kylie Hannigan   Email 419-213-4769
Taylor Johnston   Email 419-213-4820


Jill Bergman   Email 419-213-4794
Tony D'Arcangelo   Email 419-213-4766

Assignment Commissioner

Marina Cooper   Email 419-213-4320


Lukasz Wilson   Email 419-213-4362


Melissa Pniewski   Email 419-213-4881

Court Reporter

Jami Bettinger   Email 419-213-4796

Front Counter/Intake

Sue Braithwaite Office Manager Email 419-213-4349
Audrey Corcoran   Email 419-213-4767
Emily Lyell   Email 419-213-4811
Kerrigan York   Email 419-213-2156
Stephanie Lanham   Email 419-213-4810
Tony D'Arcangelo   Email 419-213-4766

Information Systems

Christy Frank IT Manager Email 419-213-4795
Joshua DiNardo   Email 419-213-4876
Sidney Haney   Email 419-213-4774

Marriage License

Sarah Marx Marriage License Supervisor Email 419-213-4662
Brenna O'Donnell   Email 419-213-2152
MaryPat King   Email 419-213-4361
Nathan Poore   Email 419-213-2153
Information Line   Email 419-213-4750

Mental Health

Darlene Nicholson   Email 419-213-4363
Audrey Corcoran   Email 419-213-4767


Luellen Wilkowski   Email 419-213-4775


Steve Casiere Records Supervisor   419-213-4775
Aimee Bloom   Email 419-213-4364
Marsha Morris   Email 419-213-2698
File Room     419-213-2698


General Information

Main Phone 419-213-4775
Main Fax 419-213-4764
Marriage License Recording 419-213-4750
Marriage License Fax 419-213-4645
Your input is valuable to us. Please email your general questions, comments, and suggestions to and we will reply as soon as possible. For an immediate issue, please call the court at 419-213-4775 instead.