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Welcome to the Lucas County Probate Court Case Management System. You now have the capability to research case records through this system. You can search our indexes as well as case dockets on line at your convenience. This New Case Management System has been initiated by Judge Jack R. Puffenberger and is now offered to you as a tool to use in the research and access of  Lucas County Probate Court  files.

Available information includes all public accessible Probate Court records such as Estate, Guardianship, Trust, Name Change, Marriage License as well as any other public records available in our Court.  Adoption, Mental Health and Mental Retardation cases are considered confidential and are not available for public review.

We went through a conversion process in August of 2001 to convert from our Old Case Management System to our New Case Management System. We also changed our case numbering system. Case numbers prior to the conversion are as follows:

..................... the case number was set up using the format of: 
..................... Case Type then the 2 Digit Year - 4 digit Case Number
..................... Ex. ES97-0123 or GD98-0234 or TR99-3456

Any case number that was initiated in the year 2001 which has a case number of 1600 or less falls into this category. From the web site, you are unable at this time, to pull up any of these earlier cases when searching by case number. You are able to insert the last name and first name in the search criteria and you will be able to search the index for the case. Once the information is found, you can click on the case number that appears and you will then be able to review the file.

After our conversion the case number format was changed to the following:

...................... the new case number uses the format of:
...................... 4 Digit Year then Case Type then up to a 4 Digit Case Number
...................... Ex. 2001EST1602 or 2001MST1603 or 2001GDN1606

Under our Old Case Management System each case type had its own numbering sequence. Each year each case type would start out with the case number of 0001.

Ex. ES97-0001, GD97-0001 and TR97-0001, etc.

Under our New Case Management System all case types are combined and the case numbers run in sequential order starting out every year with number 00001.

Ex. 2002NCH0001, 2002EST0002 and 2002GDN0003, etc.

Any case with a case number starting in the year 2001 and is greater than 1600 falls under our new Case Management System and can be searched from our web site using either the case number or the last name and first name in the search criteria.

Available case types used with our new Case management System include the following:

Adversary Case
Correction of Birth Case
Conservatorship Case
Disinterment Case
Estate Case
Guardianship of Minor Case
Guardianship of Incompetent Case
Inter Vivos Trust Case
Medicaid Payback Trust Case
Marriage License Case
Miscellaneous Case
Minor's Settlement Case
Name Change Case
Registration of Birth Case
Trust Case

When initiating a search, please try and put in as much information as possible and be as accurate as possible. We have limited the search to 100 hits to expedite the search process, which means that if you put in the name Smith for example, you will get a message after the search has begun, that states: "Result set is too large, please further qualify your search". If you get this message simply add any additional search criteria to expand the search, such as a first name, date of death, case type, party type, etc.

All of the information contained within this site is intended to be accurate, reliable, complete as well as timely, however the Lucas County Probate Court  reserves the right to make changes and assumes no liability for damages, nor does the Lucas County Probate Court  warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness and or the timeliness of any of the information contained within this website, and shall not be held liable for losses caused by the reliance on the accuracy, reliability, completeness and or the timeliness of any of the information contained within this website, including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this website.

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