Lucas County Probate Court
Judge Jack R. Puffenberger

The approved appraiser list is a listing of real estate and personal property appraisers who have met the criteria for appointment by this court. The Court is NOT a referral service. We do not have any involvement between the attorney and the fiduciary when it comes to selecting an appraiser. If an appraisal is required in a probate proceeding, the appraiser being appointed must be on the approved real property appraisers list or the approved personal property appraisers list prior to the appointment being made. After the necessary steps have been taken to add an appraiser to the approved list of appraisers, the proper form to use to officially make the  appointment in the Court proceeding is Form 3.0-Appointment of Appraiser

If you are an appraiser and would like to be considered for an appointment by the Court, please contact Diane Medlin at (419)213-4881 for instructions to be placed on the approved appraisers list.

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